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This blog will immensely help you understand the difficult concept better and feel confidences of pursuing further learning with easy and purpose.

Hi, My name is Midde Srinivasa Rao. I am a teacher in Physics. My Educational Qualifications are M.Sc(PHYSICS); B.Ed . I have been working as S.A(PS) at A.G.K.M.HIGH SCHOOL, Gudivada. Now I am on deputation to A.F.C.School, Gudivada. I had more than 18 years of experience with the creative aspects of Physical Science. I participated in the preparation of 10th class study material at DMA, Guntur and in Krishna District by distinguishing important and unimportant. I also participated in the preparation of foundation books from 6th to 10th classes  which are complex and challenging for a high school teacher. These books are very useful for promoting conceptual understanding.  I had a variety of experiences with people of all ages paralleling experiences needing to greater scientific proficiency as a Central Physics Resource Person at DMA, Guntur. I had knowledge about preparation of multiple choice test items like Cycle exam papers, Monthly exam papers, Grand test papers and so on.

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